At Auntie Gang, we make sure your business is always booming. Whether you own a business or not, we organize regular events at your preferred time slot where you can sell products with our help. Auntie Gang takes care of the inventory, table set up, quality control, and marketing – all you have to do is sell and make money. It is certainly an offer you can’t refuse!

If you are a vendor who makes their own products or wants to sell products from brands other than Curmay, Auntie Gang can help your product reach your ideal customer. Auntie Gang is the distribution arm of Curmay. Hence, its expertise is well suited to spread the word about your products.
Auntie Gang supplies traditional businesses with an online platform and an interface which helps streamline the sales process. Customers can either buy the products from the shop or have the product experience first and then buy online. All aunties (business owners)  can give an auntie code to the customers for them to buy the product online and transfer profits to auntie’s account.